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STROBEL, John H. (Bavaria, Germany, Sept. 19, 1825--Dubuque, IA, Mar. 18, 1906). Coming to this country, Strobel lived for a time in New Orleans and then Jefferson City, Missouri. (1) He moved to Dubuque in 1847 and began work at brick making. He was also one of the city's major candle manufacturers during the CIVIL WAR, a time during which he was a meat packer in partnership with George John RATH.

In 1891 Strobel purchased the slaughter house that had been destroyed by fire from a son of George Rath. (2) The STROBEL AND RATH PACKING COMPANY in an area between Fourth and Fifth STREETS was in business for sixteen years. Strobel eventually carried on the business as the John H. Strobel and Sons Packing Company.



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