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RHOMBERG, Alphonse J.

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1903 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald.

RHOMBERG, Alphonse J. (Dornbirn, Austria, 1872-- ). Educated in the schools of his native country, Alphonse traveled to Dubuque in 1888 and joined his brother, Frank, in business. He then moved to St. Paul, Minnesota to work three years in his uncle's furniture shop. (1)

Returning to Dubuque, Alphonse rejoined his brother Frank in establishing RHOMBERG BROTHERS COMPANY, a wholesale wine and liquor business. (2)

In 1908 he sold eight acres of land for one dollar. This contribution and the 87 acres purchased from the estate of Joseph A. RHOMBERG were used to start EAGLE POINT PARK. (3)



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