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Photo courtesy: Jim Massey

PLATT, BUCKINGHAM, CORNWELL AND COMPANY. Established in Dubuque in 1901, the company manufactured a general line of overalls, shirts, jackets, trousers, lined duck coats, and sheep lined coats. A specialty was made in fancy shirts and fine trousers. In addition, the company was a wholesaler of fancy sweaters, mufflers, high grade underwear, hosiery, neck wear, and suspenders. The factory was located at Second and Main STREETS.

The company was the first Dubuque manufacturer to establish a branch factory. Located in Waterloo, it was abandoned after several years to increase the size of the Dubuque operation without having to pay for a Waterloo management team. By 1910, however, this decision was being revisited with a factory opening in Cedar Falls. At the time, the company employed 140 people with an expected employment in Cedar Falls of 100. There were nine traveling salesmen on the road.

The 1909 through the 1915 Dubuque City Directory stated that this business was located at 195 Main.




"The Dubuque Overall Industry Gives Employment to 1,300 Persons," Telegraph Herald, February 16, 1910, p. 12

Sharpening stone for knives.
Photo courtesy: Jim Massey