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Advertisement May 15, 1877 Dubuque Herald

PAUL TRAUT AND COMPANY. Established in 1875, the firm was a partnership of Paul TRAUT, Adam Francis JAEGER, and Liberat Alphonse "L.A." RHOMBERG . This arrangement lasted until May 1879 when Traut left the company. (1) He opened a hat shop and by the 1890s was involved in banking and politics.

Jaeger and Rhomberg formed the new firm of JAEGER & RHOMBERG at 521 Main. This business relocated in the mid-1890s to 453 Main. In 1889 when Rhomberg sold his interest to Louis A. Lang a new business was created called JAEGER, LANG AND COMPANY. Rhomberg opened his own wholesale liquor company at 531 Main. In 1891 L. A. RHOMBERG & SON was created when L. A. Rhomberg, Jr. joined his father in business.



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