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MIDWESTONE FINANCIAL GROUP INC. In May, 2019 MidWestOne, based in Iowa City, completed the acquisition of AMERICAN TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK and American Bank and Trust Wisconsin. In September, 2019 officials of MidWestOne announced the closing of a branch located at Hartig Drug, 1600 University Avenue on December 6, 2019. Closing the location, it was reported, had been considered for several years and predated the acquisition. All employees would be given other positions within the company. (1)

The 142-foot tall bank building was first used as the site of annual 'Over the Edge' fundraiser in 2018. Participants who raised a minimum of $1,200 could rappel down the side of building. The fundraiser sponsored by the United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States in 2023 raised more than $140,000 which was the record for the event. It exceeded the goal of $100,000 and beat the previous year's total of $128,000. (2)



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