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Pocket level. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
1951 advertisement. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Carpenter's apron. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

LEO F. BLY COMPANY. Leo F. Bly entered the construction business in 1923. This was discontinued after WORLD WAR II when he established the Leo F. Bly Lumber business.

He was joined in the business by his sons, Duane L. and Dale D. Bly after they had taken a lumber man's course at the University of Wisconsin. The company motto was "There is a Job Close By...Furnished by Bly." The company also arranged F. H. A. loans. The slogan later used was "Better See Bly Before You Buy."

The 1934 Dubuque City Directory through 1942 Dubuque Classified Business Directory listed 1298 Main.

The 1948 Dubuque Classified Business Directory through 1955 Dubuque City Directory listed 9th and Pine. The company was then involved in agricultural implements.

The 1957 and 1959 Dubuque City Directory listed 501 E. 9th.

The 1962 through 1964 Dubuque City Directory gave the address as 9th and Pine.

The 1966 through 1970 Dubuque City Directory listed 450 E. 9th St.



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