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KLAUER, John P. (Chicago, IL, Nov. 15, 1950- ). Considered the architect of Dubuque's current ward system of government, Klauer, then a map technician in the Dubuque County Auditor's Office, was a founding member of the Committee for Civic Responsibility, the group that led the movement for change in the form of local government in 1980. (1)

From 1970 to 1976 Klauer was director of the Ivory Towers Writers, an association of artists and writers. (2) He wrote two books, Reflections of Karen and Light in the Forest, using the pen name of Stevenson David Bradley III. He has also been editor and chairman of the board of directors of the Port of Dubuque Visitor. (3)

Klauer campaigned successfully for a seat-at-large on the city council in 1981 and was the top vote-getter in the primary. (4) Among issues he addressed during the first term as mayor of James BRADY was a "shallow audit" of the city's parking meter department. He was also one of the council members who favored reinstating Clarence W. "Rainbow" DUFFY to the Human Rights Commission. (5) He was one of two members who voted against a park user fee at EAGLE POINT PARK. (6)

In 1998 Klauer played a significant role in the publication of Faith and Fortunes: An Encyclopedia of Dubuque County. He not only provided many of the photographs used in the book but was a valued contributing writer. All the proceeds raised from the sale of the book were used to fund the projects of the local historical societies of Dubuque County. (7)

In 2008 Klauer was a real estate agent licensed in Iowa.



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