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Photo Courtesy: Telegraph Herald

HOERNER, Millie. (Dubuque, IA, November 14, 1926--Dubuque, IA, February 7, 2018). The daughter of Roy and Minnie (Kramer) Hoerner, Millie graduated from DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and then worked as a secretary for the FARLEY AND LOETSCHER MANUFACTURING COMPANY.

She married Robert J. "Bob" Hoerner on May 16, 1949, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In doing this, she became an in-law to one of the most illustrious athletic families in Dubuque history including Lester J. "Dick" HOERNER, Joseph HOERNER, Streat HOERNER, and cousin C. Michael "Mike" REILLY. Proud of each of her children and their accomplishments, Millie saw family fame continue with the success of her daughter, Marianne MAILI.

Millie was active in anonymously supporting many public and private callings in Dubuque with special attention to AREA RESIDENTIAL CARE, INC. For many, however, it was her years as an aide in the classroom that will be best remembered. She worked with Pam Boland at LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and was then a "Hoover Hornet" at HOOVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL as an aide of LaVerne Kelly. Millie brought kindness and steady support to many students in their formative years of learning.



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