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FRIEDMAN, Larry. (Alta Vista, IA, Sept. 2, 1926-- ). Among his fellow Kiwanis members, Friedman was known as "Mr. Peanut" for his annual sale of more than one hundred cases of peanuts to raise money for the club's projects.

Such devotion to service involved Friedman in service to Divine Word College's Friends Across Nations program which matched college students with area families. He served as president of the NATIVITY CHURCH, Dubuque Independent Insurance Agents, Serra Club, and the Dubuque Downtown Kiwanis Club. Friedman was also a member of the board of WAHLERT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Sisters of Saint Francis Development Council, ST. STEPHAN'S FOOD BANK, and the DUBUQUE AREA LIFETIME CENTER.

Friedman was named a recipient of the FIRST CITIZEN AWARD by the TELEGRAPH HERALD in 1999.

In 2016 Friedman and Katherine FISCHER published A. A. Cooper: Reinvesting the Wheel. In 2021 he continued his contributions to Dubuque history with the publication of Jo Reynolds: A Diamond in the Rough.




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