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DUBUQUELAND WOMEN'S BOWLING ASSOCIATION HALL OF FAME. Formed in 1978, the Hall of Fame was established by the Dubuqueland Women's Bowling Association (DWBA) to honor women bowlers who had distinguished themselves in the game either by service, ability or both. Any member of the DWBA could submit names of candidates along with the person's qualifications and achievements to the city secretary for referral to the Hall of Fame Committee. A candidate had to have an outstanding record in bowling, evidence of good sportsmanship, or have given distinguished service to the game. She might be a past or present member and posthumous nominations were accepted. (1)

This organization became part of the DUBUQUE AREA USBC in 2018.

1980--(Charter members) Linda Ehlinger (first woman in Dubuque to roll a sanctioned 300 game [1978), Ruth PAULY, Florence Radford, Bernice Neumann,Telegraph Herald, May 2, 1980

Marge Firzlaff, Evelyn Gatena, Winnie Thomas. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

1981--Mary DALZELL, Marge Firzlaff, Evelyn Gatena, Winnie Thomas/Telegraph Herald, April 3, 1981, p. 6

     Firzlaff was a charter member of the DWBA and 
     served as the organization's first treasurer 
     from 1937-1939. She served on many committees 
     and was a delegate to state and national conventions.
     In the first DWBA tournament at ARMSTRONG LANES 
     in 1938 she scored a 235 game and a 590 series. The 
     same year at the state tournament at Council Bluffs, 
     she placed second in all events, second in singles, 
     and teamed with Bernice Neumann to finish fifth in 
     Firzlaff was asked to bowl an exhibition game with 
     veteran pro Andy Varipapa in 1939. She rolled a 208 
     game compared to his 225. That year she had a season 
     high of a 639 series and a 177 average. In 1940-41 
     she scored a 170 average and in 1942-43 she had a high 
     game of 270. In 1941 Amy Zimmerman and she set a record 
     1161 in the city tournament doubles competition. Firzlaff 
     and Janet Hogan repeated the feat in 1961 with 1171.
     Evelyn Gatena began bowling at HOLY TRINITY LANES in 
     1938. She served the DWBA as treasurer (1942-43), vice-
     president (1949-51) and president (1951-53). She was a 
     state and national delegate in 1948, national delegate in 
     1958, and president and secretary of various leagues. In 
     1955 she represented Iowa in Chicago at the All-Star 
     Championship Tournament. She won the city singles title in 
     1949 when she also had high game. She was the city champion 
     with high scratch all events in 1955, 1958, 1961, and 1963. 
     She served on the DWBA board of directors from 1961-1963.
     Winnie Thomas served the DWBA as president (four years), first 
     vice-president (two years) and second vice-president (one year), 
     member of the board of directors (six years), rules committee 
     (one year), audit committee (three years) and nominating committee 
     (one year). She was a delegate to the state convention for three 
     years and served as co-chairwoman of the 1953 state tournament. 
     She helped organize and served as the first president of the Dubuque 
     600 Club. She served as president of the All Star Classic for two years, 
     co-chairperson of the state tournament in 1962, and was a certified 
     bowling coach.

1982--Adele Fondell, Luella Coleman/Telegraph Herald, February 14, 1982, p. 16

     Adele Fondell was a charter member of DWBA and the Dubuque 600 Club which 
     she helped organize. She served as president and vice president four years 
     for the DWBA and was a director and delegate to the National Convention seven 
     times. With Mary Dalzell, she formed the American Junior Bowling Congress
     program in Dubuque and coached in the organization for many years. She also 
     held various offices in the many leagues in which she competed.
     She bowled in fifteen National WIBC tournaments and all but one of the Iowa 
     state tournaments. For many years, she served as a state delegate and was the 
     state chairperson of scorekeepers in 1953 and 1962 Iowa state meets.
     Lou Coleman served as president (2 years), vice-president (1 year), treasurer 
     (5 years), secretary (10 years) and assistant secretary (4 years) for the DWBA. 
     In 1962 and 1975 she served as co-chairperson for the state tournament and 
     served on a number of state committees including the nominating committee 
     (4 years), resolutions (2 years) and memorial (3 years). She was secretary 
     and treasurer of the Iowa State Bowlers Twenty Year Club. (Obituaries, 
      Telegraph Herald, June 30, 1988, p. 19)

1983--Doris Carroll, Shirley Kamentz-Winkler/Telegraph Herald, February 21, 1983, p. 7

     Doris Carroll bowled 34 years with the same team that won the league title 
     in 1949, 1950, 1954, and 1960. It won the city tournament championship in 
     1949. She was the doubles champion in 1955; singles champion in 1953, 1956, 
     1957; all events scratch title holder in 1947, 1949, 1953, 1055, 1957, 1960, 
     1969; and all events handicap champion in 1969-1979. In 1956 and 1960 she 
     won the Tournament of Champions and scored a career high of 279 in 1954--
     at the time a city record. Her highest season average was 178.
     Carroll served as secretary of the 300 League at HOLY TRINITY LANES and 
     the Mixing Bowl League at CRESLANES. For fifteen years, she was the 
     secretary of the 600 Club.
     Shirley Kamentz-Winkler served as the president of DWBA for ten years, 
     director for eight years, lane representative for five years, secretary 
     of the Shoreline League for fourteen years and junior bowling coach
     for twenty years. In 1983 she was third vice president of the Iowa Women's 
     Bowling Association. She had served as a director of the organization 
     seven years, assistant sergeant-at-arms three years and chairwoman of the 
     state administrative, tournament and nominating committees. On the state 
     level she served on the hall of fame, awards banquet, and memorial 
     committees. In 1983 she had been a state delegate for junior bowling for 
     six years.
     Kamentz-Winkler was the Tournament of Champions winner three years and the 
     City Tournament champion twice. She received the Ruth Pauly Award for a 
     high game of 266. In 1973 she bowled on the winning Amvets team and won the 
     doubles title with Jan Vogt, the singles, and all events titles. She bowled 
     with the state team champions in Class A in 1972 and was second in state 
     doubles with Elaine Galliart. Her highest average was 184, high game 267, 
     and high series 660.

1984--Ivy Hayes and Jeanette Murphy/Telegraph Herald, April 1, 1984, p. 17

     Hayes was a charter member of the Victory League formed in 1949. She served 
     as the vice president of the league for two years, secretary for two years, 
     and president for two years. She also served as president of the Creslanes 
     Handicap League for two years and the president of the 69ers three years.  
     She served on the board of directors of the DWBA five years, first 
     vice-president five years, and president in 1975. She was a certified junior 
     bowling coach. Hayes was an IWBA state delegate for 17 years and a national 
     delegate two years. She participated in 30 state tournaments and 10 national 
     meets. Her highest career game was 249 and series 617.
     Murphy began bowling at the Casino Lanes in 1942. Her team became league 
     champions eleven times and won the Tournament of Champions in 1958. She was 
     a member of the Circle team from the Creslanes Handicap that won the team title 
     in the 1973 city tournament.
     Murphy served on the DWBA Executive Board. She was the association vice-president 
     two years, president two years and treasurer for ten years. She was a member of 
     the national, state and local 600 cubs and served as the secretary of the 600 
     Club locally for sixteen years. As of 1984 she had bowled in 31 state and 17
     national tournaments. Her career high game was 246 and series 601.

1985--Lora Cosgrove/Telegraph Herald, March 17, 1985, p. 17

     Between 1941 and 1981, Cosgrove served as president, vice president, treasurer 
     and director at various times of the DWBA. She served as president of the Aces 
     league from 1940-1944 and 1964-1969 and vice-president of the league in 1977-1978. 
     A charter member of the league, she served on all league committees and 
     captain of her team from 1947-1985. Her Hi-Ho team in the Classic League at 
     Fischer's and Riverside won the league championship in 1955.
     Cosgrove was a state delegate eighteen years and national delegate two years. 
     She bowled in thirty-one state tournaments and ten national tournaments. With 
     Shirley Helling, she won the 1953 State Class A doubles. Cosgrove and Ruth 
     Winders won the city doubles championship with a 1135 score in 1955. Her high 
     game was 255 and high series was 596.
     In 1975 Cosgrove served as chairperson of the Iowa Women's Bowling Association 
     state tournament in Dubuque.

1986--Sally Pfab/Telegraph Herald, March 16, 1986, p. 20

     Beginning her bowling at FISCHER LANES, Sally and Mary Dalzell organized 
     the Junior Bowling Program in Dubuque. She coached actively for fifteen years, 
     served on the YABA board, and participated on the Harry Tuma Award and Junior 
     Bowl-A-Thon committees. She served on the Dubuqueland Women's Bowling
     Association board as a director and vice-president. She served on the Hall of 
     Fame Committee for six years and in 1975 helped organize the Golden Ager's 
     Service Club.
     Her accomplishments in bowling included a career-high series of 670 and a high 
     game of 279. Her Fireside Credit team in 1980 set city records with a 1047 
     scratch game and a 2,901 scratch series.

1987--Janann Vogt, Shirley Miller/Telegraph Herald, February 22, 1987, p. 19

      Vogt served as president of many bowling organizations including the Eastern 
      Iowa 600 Club, City Junior Association, and the Dubuque Bowling Council. She 
      served as the secretary of the Dubuque 600 Club for fourteen years.      
      By 1987 she had bowled more than 135 series of 600 or higher. Her high game was 
      280, series 686, and her highest career average was 185 in 1970-1971. She bowled 
      on two city championship teams (1970 and 1976) and won a city doubles title. In 
      1986 she was a member of the Class A state champion team.
      Shirley Miller rolled her first 600 series (610) in 1958 at HOLY TRINITY LANES 
      and won the singles event that year. She won the city all events championship in 
      1959, 1967, and 1971, the Queen's Tournament in 1964 and 1966, and in 1967 won 
      the Argus Tournament in Rock Island. Her titles include the 1975 State Class A 
      all events and Class A doubles. She won the 1978 Sweet 16 Tournament. She was a 
      member of three teams which won the Tournament of Champions (1958, 1959, 1963). 
      As of 1987 her career high game was 278 and series of 657.
      As a director/member of the City Bowling Association for more than twenty years 
      she helped many young male and female bowlers develop their skills as a junior 
      bowling instructor. (Obituaries, Telegraph Herald, August 17, 2009, p. 6)

1988--Donna Kieler/Telegraph Herald, March 27, 1988, p. 17

     The first woman in the tri-state area to join the Women's Professional Bowlers 
     Pro Tour, Kieler was also the first woman in Iowa to bowl two perfect games in 
     one season (1987). She won the Greater Iowa Open Tournament in 1986 and 1987 
     and during the 1986-87 season was the fourth leading money winner in that
     traveling tournament. She was a member of the 1986 Class A state championship 
     team, won the Buck Rogers singles classic in Platteville, Wisconsin in 1978, 
     and bowled on the Shoreline League team that twice set association records for 
     high game and series. Her list of tournament wins included 600-700, John Deere
     mixed doubles, league Tournament of Champions, Women's City Tournament all events 
     (scratch and handicap), City doubles and singles and the Ruth Pauly Award for 
     City Tournament high single game. She compiled more than 300 series of 600 or 
     better and seven 700 counts including a 732 which set a record for the highest
     ever in the Iowa 600 Club. In addition to her competitions, she coached the 
     Dubuque junior program for thirteen years.

1989--Alice Skinner, Dolores Jungblut/Telegraph Herald, March 26, 1989, p. 8

     Alice Skinner was involved in the beginning of the Dubuque Junior Bowling 
     Association as a board member and coach. She served as treasurer of the Iowa 
     State Young American Alliance which was organized in 1982 to replace the American 
     Junior Bowling Congress. She served as an officer of several leagues and held the 
     role of officer or director of the DWBA for nearly twenty years.
     Dolores Jungblat began her bowling at HOLY TRINITY LANES and scored her first 
     600 series after eight years. By 1989 she had rolled more than 35. She was high 
     qualifier in the fourth annual Key City Queens Classic in 1986-87, won the Hilldale 
     Tournament back-to-back in 1973 and 1974, and won the 600-700 tournament in 1964. 
     Her career high game was 267 and high series was 691.

1990--Stephanie BECK

1991--Marie Koppes/Telegraph Herald, February 16, 1991, p. 8

     In 1939 Koppes was part of a group that traveled to Marshalltown to convince
     bowlers to come to Dubuque for the city's first state tournament in 1940. She 
     bowled in that and in Dubuque's first city tournament in 1938. In her career, 
     she bowled in eighteen different league championship teams.

1992--Donna Galliart/Telegraph Herald, March 21, 1992, p. 8

     In 1992 Galliart had been a member of the DWBA for thirty-seven years. She 
     served the association's board (13 years) including president from 1970-1973, 
     second vice president from 1973-1977. and treasurer from 1977-1983. She served 
     as secretary-treasurer of the Dubuque Junior Bowling Association for fourteen 
     years. In addition to being a state or national delegate at various times, she 
     kept score at many DWBA and DBA events.
     Galliart bowled in ten national tournaments and twenty state tournaments. She 
     was a member of many league championship teams. She had a career high game of 
     249 and a career high series of 576.

1993--Margo Atchinson

     In 1993 Atchison was the current DWBA president when she became the 25th inductee.
     She had bowled in 24 state tournaments and eight nationals and coached local children
     for twenty-three years. Margo and her son, Brian, who rolled a 757 series at the age
     of fourteen, once won a mother-son junior state championship.

1994--Anna May Loewen

     Active in the DWBA, Anna May Loewen coached junior bowlers.

1995--Shirley Helling/Telegraph Herald, March 26, 1995, p. 27

     A competitive bowler for thirty years, Helling teamed with Lora Cosgrove in 1953 
     to win the Class A state doubles tournament. Her 612 series led the duo to a 
     1,153 count. In the same tournament, her 612 series led the Hi Ho Lounge to 
     third place in the team competition. She twice won the city all-events title. 
     Her high game was 268 and series of 664.
     Helling coached youth bowling for several years and served as a delegate to 
     national and state tournaments.

1996--Jude Claussen/Telegraph Herald, February 10, 1996, p. 10

     In 1980 Claussen won the city all-events scratch title and the city team 
     championship. In 1986 she repeated her win in the city all-events scratch 
     championship. In 1985 she won a team title, scored the high game for the 
     tournament (277) and finished first in Class A all-events. She finished third 
     in all-events in 1990. Claussen rolled 600-series a total of 201 tines and 
     scored eight 700 series. Her career-high score of 280 came in 1987.

1997--Marilyn Kaesbauer/Telegraph Herald, January 15, 1997, p. 10

     Kaesbauer established herself as an officer in the DWBA. In 1997 she held a 
     record of terms as director and treasurer (14 years) and a lane representative 
     (8 years). She also served as a tournament scorekeeper, office-help co-chairperson, 
     and member of the budget and finance, legislative, and rules committees. At the    
     Iowa Women's Bowler Association level she was a souvenir-booth co-chair, 
     score-keeper co-chair, and delegate to the state tournament.

1998--Norma Jean WRIGHT/Telegraph Herald, March 1, 1998, p. 8

      Wright served on the DWBA board for twenty-one years (19 as a director) and 
      for twenty-five years was a member of the local youth bowling board. In 1975 
      she was the scorekeeper for the state tournament.
      On the lanes, Wright achieved six 600 series and a career high game of 277.

1999--Gail Ryan

      A member of the DWBA since 1962, Ryan was inducted for meritorious service.

2001--Ritamae Matous/Telegraph Herald, March 11, 2001, p. 53

     Ritamae volunteered to keep score or perform office work for every city or 
     state tournament held in Dubuque from 1943 through 2001. She bowled on the 
     Club Esquire team that won the 1952 Class B state team championship and in 
     1953 her Jack Noel's team took fourth in Class C. She achieved four top-
     three finishes in the city tournament. She won the Ruth Pauly Award for high 
     single game with a 257 in the 1978 event.
     In fifty-six years of membership in DWBA and the Women's International Bowling 
     Congress, Matous participated in 32 state tournaments and 15 national tournaments. 
     She held the offices of president, vice-president, executive board member and 
     organizer for the DWBA.

2002--Carol Boyes/Telegraph Herald, March 3, 2002, p. 39

     Boyes served on the DWBA board of directors when the group chose to sponsor a 
     Hall of Fame. She served the DWBA in every capacity from president, secretary, 
     to scorekeeper for over twenty years. She represented Dubuque at the state 
     convention ten times. She and her husband Bill also volunteered many hours to 
     the Junior Bowling program in Dubuque.
     Boyes recorded 15 national honor courts of 600 or better in her 33-year career 
     and won the Sweet 16 Scratch Tournament in 1976 with a 180 average.

2003--Bonnie Erickson/Telegraph Herald, March 2, 2003, p. 22

     Meritorious service to the DWBA led to her being named to the Hall of Fame. 
     Erickson was a member of the DWBA for thirty-four years as of 2003. She served 
     as a board member more than twelve years and over two decades as a Junior coach. 
     Her success on the lanes included being teamed with Jean Hallahan in 1975 and 
     winning the Class B doubles title at the Iowa Women's Bowling Association state 
     tournament. In 1977 with Gary Osthoff she won the 600-700 Club doubles title. 
     She won the 600 Singles tournament in 2002 and several top-two finishes in the 
     Dubuque Junior Bowling Association tournaments. Erickson rolled more than 85-
     600 series.

2004--Dee Turnmeyer/Telegraph Herald, March 7, 2004, p. 35

     Dee Turnmeyer had been a member of the DWBA for forty years the year she was 
     inducted into the Hall of Fame. As a bowler, she collected championships in 
     eight local tournaments and more than twenty titles in league play. Her first 
     of nearly a dozen 600 series was achieved on December 15, 1972. She joined the
     board of DWBA in 1986 and served as president from 1994-2004. She frequently 
     represented the local association at the state level.

2005--Linda Spates

     Linda was the fourth woman in the history of Dubuque to roll a sanctioned 300, in
     her third game on February 3, 1993. A bowler for twenty-three years, she had a 182
     average in 1993 and a 636 series.

2006--Cindy COTTRELL

2007--Rosie Haskell/Telegraph Herald, March 5, 2007, p. 10

      Haskell bowled her first national honor count (611) in 1974 and added a 612 
      competing in the 1991 National Tournament. She worked at the league, city 
      and state levels while promoting youth leagues in Dubuque.

2008--Hazel Perry

      The 39th inductee into the Hall of Fame, Perry rolled 79 National honor count
      series of 600 or better in a career beginning in the early 1960s. She placed
      second in the 1976 Sweet 16 Ladies tournament, led her team to a runner-up
      finish in the 1983 state tournament and placed 21st in the nation in the 1993
      WIBC National Tournament. She served eighteen years as the secretary of the
      Church Belles League formed n 1963. She organized the Twilight Lassies League
      and served as its secretary for 25 years. She was the secretary/treasurer of the
      Rebel League for nineteen years and competed in the Saturday Night Mixers for
      thirty-two years.

2009--Joan Furlong/Telegraph Herald, March 8, 2009, p. 33

      Furlong bowled her first national honor count in 1986. She achieved four 
      700 series including a 730. Her record included three state team 
      championships--two in Division 2 with Champs on the River and the third 
      in Division I with Crown Collision. She was a member of the Stone Savers 
      in 1999 when they won the team title in the City Tournament. In 2006 she 
      assisted the High Five to a third-place finish in the same competition. 
      In 2006-2007 she scored her career best average of 204.

2010--Shellie Kutsch/Telegraph Herald, March 11, 2010, p. 9

      During her twelve years on the DWBA board, Kutsch worked in a variety of 
      jobs and was a delegate to state tournaments on five occasions. While 
      serving as the president of the Dubuqueland 600 Club she worked with local 
      women's leagues and on the Dubuque youth board. Her organizational skills 
      were credited with making a smooth transition when the youth and women's 
      associations merged with the United States Bowling Congress.
      As a competitor, she won the Dubuqueland 600 Club Invitational in 1989 and 
      2004; city doubles title in 1994; Iowa Women's 700 singles title and at least 
      seven league championships. Her record shows more than 110 series of 600 or 
      better, four series of 700 of better and a high game of 279. She averaged 185
      between 2000 and 2010.

2021--"Bowling Hall of Fame Adds Vogt, Buelow," Telegraph Herald, May 11, 2021, p. 5B

      Molly Vogt became the fifth member of her immediate family to become a member of the Hall
      of Fame. She joined her Jim Vogt (1982, her father; Jan Vogt (1987), her mother; sisters
      Stephanie Beck (1990) and Cindy Cottrell (2006); and brothers-in-law Terry Cottrell (2016)
      and Steve Beck (2017). She first served on the Dubuque Women's Bowling Association board
      and then the merged Dubuque Area Association for a total of thirteen years. She held the
      offices of director, second vice-president and first vice-president. She served on the
      committee to merge the men's, women's and youth associations into one hall of fame and
      worked on the certification of the bowling alleys.
      Vogt won an Iowa state team championship in 2009 and had the high game (268) in the
      1997 tournament. She rolled over 30-700 series including a high of 781 and more than
      230-600 series. She achieved a 300 game on February 25, 2014 and had a career-high 
      average of 214 in both 2014 and 2018. She won "Bowler of the Year" for three
      consecutive times by having the highest female average in the Dubuque Junior Bowling
      Association. In 1992 her 168 was the second highest in the state.
      Tom Buelow became active in bowling in the 1960s. He served on the Dubuque Bowling
      Association Board and held the presidency from 2009-2010. He was a junior bowling coach
      for many years and was a director of the Junior Board. He helped establish the
      program at DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, served on the John Deere Interplant Bowling
      Association Board and also held the presidency.
      Buelow won a city doubles title in 1982 and 1985 with Don Rupp. He won the Martin
      Unmacht Award in 1982, the Iowa State Family Doubles title with his son Andy in 1999,
      John Deere Mixed Doubles Champ with his wife Berti in 2001 and the John Deere Interplant 
      Team Championship in 2011. He scored 2-300 games, 2-299 games, and rolled his first 700 in



1. "DWBA Hall of Fame Nominations in Order," Telegraph Herald, December 14, 1978, p. 9

2. Molly Vogt-membership list, email, December 12, 2018