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COUNTRY KITCHEN. It started with the vision of an enterprising young boy by the name of Bill Johnson. At the age of 14, Bill Johnson left his Kentucky home and headed for Cincinnati, Ohio. Bill's future began when he was hired to work at a hamburger stand. In 1939 he and a friend, Bill Goodman, pooled their resources, totaling $400, and made a down payment on some restaurant equipment. They rented an empty storefront and opened a restaurant, "Country Kitchen." Customers began coming in for great-tasting hamburgers for only a nickel (or six for a quarter) and for delicious steak sandwiches for a dime.

Within three years business increased enough to allow the opening of another Country Kitchen Restaurant. By 1958, Bill Johnson began offering franchises across the nation.



"Country Kitchen" website: http://www.countrykitchenrestaurants.com/

The 1974 through 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed 3187 University.