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YIANNIAS, Vicki. (Dubuque, IA-- ). According to Thomas GIFFORD, Yiannis worked at Esquire Magazine, married an artist and was herself an artist as a graphic designer and illustrator, imported and designed shoes, and was a "superb writer" who, he hoped one day, would write a novel. (1)

Prior to 1997 when he wrote of her, Yiannis became the New York correspondent of The Hellenic Chronicle, a national Greek newspaper headquartered in Boston. When anything of interest to the Greek community along the East Coast occurred, it was Yiannis who was likely to be reporting on it for the newspaper. (2)

In 1997 Yiannis was one of three Greek/American reporters assigned to travel with Patriarch Bartholomew, considered the Pope of the Eastern Orthodox Church, while he was making a North American tour. (3) Among other writings, Yiannias wrote “Charin Didomen”: “Archbishop Demetrios of America, The First Decade 1999 to 2009” (4) and More Than History: “SMYRNA, The Destruction of A Cosmopolitan City.” (5) In 2013 Vicki James Yiannias is a writer/editor for Greek News, a weekly newspaper published in New York City. She had been an editor or writer for Odyssey, The Greek American, and Simon & Schuster. (6)



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