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University of Dubuque Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame

The University of Dubuque Alumni Association established the Alumni Athletic Hall Of Fame in 1989 as a permanent place to honor those individuals who have promoted and served the University through its athletic programs.

The Hall of Fame recognizes former student-athletes, coaches, and supporters who have contributed to the success of the University of Dubuque both on and off the athletic field. It further promotes the University intercollegiate program and creates a focal point for alumni, family, friends, and current University students, faculty, and staff.

Former athletic notables who meet the criteria have nominations submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee. The committee is comprised of former Spartan athletes and current UD administration and coaches. After nominating material is researched and compiled, the committee votes to determine new inductees.

Each recipient receives a University of Dubuque Seal medallion engraved with his or her name, a plaque, and a lifetime pass to attend all University of Dubuque Athletic events.

Criteria for Selection Athletic Hall of Fame For many years, the Athletic Hall of Fame has honored a select number of former athletes for their outstanding individual contributions to the University’s athletic programs, and has presented a prestigious award for a team of past UD athletes to be recognized together for their contributions in athletics.

Criteria for the Hall of Fame Individual Award include:

_ Have been out of college at least 10 years for a male or 5 years for a female

_ Have lettered in a varsity sport at UD.

_ Have made an outstanding contribution to the stature of the University Athletic Program

_ Shows continuous support of UD.

Criteria for the Hall of Fame Team Award include:

_ The team must have won a conference championship and/or were invited for NCAA post-season play.

_ It must be at least 10 years since that accomplishment.

Alumni Hall of Distinction Another new group of awards will be given to other supporters of UD’s athletic programs through the Hall of Distinction. Designed to recognize those individuals who have given unselfishly to further the University’s Athletic Programs and support its athletes.

Criteria for the Hall of Distinction Award include:

_ Made a significant contribution to UD as an administrator, member of the athletic support staff, coach, and/or booster alumnus/alumna.

_ Have been out of college at least 10 years.

_ Have made an outstanding contribution to the stature of the University Athletic Program and to the ideals of community life at UD.

_ Demonstrate significant lifelong contributions to society, community or athletics through service and leadership.

Charter Class of 1989-90

Sol Butler C'19

Johnny Armstrong, C'22

Donald Emery, C'39

Clarence Parker, C'19

Bill Riedel, C'42

Emil Lussow, C'43

Robert Williams, C'51

Norm Rathje, C'56

John Smith, C'69

Robert Finnegan, C'70

Dave Kuehl, C'77

Jim Kinney, C'78

Kenneth E. MERCER, Coach

Class of 1990-91

William Miller, C'37

Carol Mundhenke Gibbs, C'38

Robert Schiers, C'42

Ivan Livingstone, C'54

Scott Berry, C'63

Bryan Dunn, C'67

Clarence T. "Pete"" Peterson, Coach

Class of 1991-92

Cornelius Hook, C'17

Herbert Fetrow, C'38

Earl Grantenbein, C'49

Dale Giesler, C'61

Peter Boyd, C'62

Eugene Rowell, C'81

John George CHALMERS, Coach

Class of 1992-93

Theatrice E. Gibbs, C'38

Eldon D. Werkheiser, C'41

Robert Purcell, C'52

Obie Saddler, C'68

Rick Steil, C'81

Donovan Frederick WARD, C'27, Contributor

Class of 1993-94

Milton Conzett, C'41

Ray Kuefler, C'47

Robert B. Miller, C'50

Paul Krause, C'67

Gary Grimm, C'70

James Carpenter, Sports Broadcaster

Class of 1994-95

Robert "Joe" Kuefler, C'48

Jerry Borg, C'49

Eldon "Bud" Loats, C'50


Charles Knutsen, C'72

Jon DAVISON, Coach

Class of 1995-96

Wilbur Mundhenke, C'35

Lawerence Sandoval, C'42

William Burnette, C'50

Keith Malone, C'50

Dan Daack, C'68

Steve Brown, C'75

Robert Salinas, C'81

Gaylord M. COUCHMAN, President,UD, ‘53-67

Class of 1996-97

Bruce Freeman (C'47)

Robert Sellergren (C'47)

Jan Jacobs Unruh (C'85)

Don Birmingham, Coach

Class of 1997-98

LeRoy Watts (C'50)

Arnie Ziegler (C'54)

William George French (C'56)

Class of 1998-99

Clair Lossin (C'47)

Rick Anderson (C'66)

Penny Wehrs (C'88)

Class of 1999-2000

Robert Noth (C'65)

Jeffrey Benson (C'80)

Charles Haas (C'85)

Class of 2000-2001

Graham “Scotty” Turnbull (C'56)

Jan Thielen Snead (C'85)

Tim Lundquist (C'86)

Class of 2001-2002

Tom Cummings (C’74)

Tony Shavone (C ’51)

Lisa Herb, Coach

Class of 2002-2003

Lori Anda Bowen (C’83)

Jim Fox (C’63)

Roger Little (C’88)

James Martin (C’67)

Melvin “Sweet Pea” McDonald (C’40)

Brian McGregor (C’59)

Hank Pillard (C’ 57)*

Col. Robert Wicklund (C’53) *

1987-88 Men’s Basketball Team

Class of 2004-2005

Rena Edgerton (C’49)*

Grayling Gordon (C’89)

Dozier Jones (C’66)

Mike Masters (C’81)

Bill Reid (C’57)

Eugene Siekmann (C’35/S’51)*

Doug Wilson (C’81)

1982 Women’s Volleyball Team

Class of 2005-2006

Timothy Finn (C’82)

Warren Melchert (C’55)*

Robert Raleigh III (C’94)

Darrel Rathje (C’62)

Class of 2006-2007

Christina (Morrison) Basich (C’86)

John Hudson (C’60)

Bret W. Johannsen (C’50) (in memoriam)

Stacey (Gassman) Ruff (C’95)

Juris Terauds (C’61)

Class of 2007-2008

Tim A. Felderman (C’95)

Rev. Roger D. Patton (C’57)

David L. Sage (C’64)

Edward T. Taber (C’25) (in memoriam)

June A. (Salow) Wooten (C’87)

Class of 2008-2009

Todd Cox (C’82)

Russell Spearman (C’62)

Roger Waialae (C’90)

Lori (Kemp) Wieters (C’83)

June A. (Salow) Wooten (C’87)

Marilyn Zunk *

  • = Hall of Distinction Member

Information Contributed by: Jim Leitner