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Nomination Letter for Iowa State Bowling Association Hall of Fame


SKINNER, Gene. In 1958 Skinner organized the UAW Local 94 Bowling League at RIVERSIDE BOWL and served as its secretary for ten years. He was the secretary of the Country Club Leage for 11 years and organized then John Deere Early Bird League at IMPERIAL LANES AND LOUNGE in 1973. He was the secretary of the John Deere #1 League for two years, Schlitzer League for six years, Budweiser League for four years and president of a summer mixed league.

A charter member of the DUBUQUE BOWLING ASSOCIATION HALL OF FAME board, he was elected a directer (1964), vice-president (1965-1970), appointed assistant secretary-treasurer (1980-1983), and served as secretary-treasurer (1983-1991). He was a delegate to the ABC convention four years and a delegate to the Iowa State Bowling Association for twenty-nine years. In 1992 Skinner was elected Member Emeritus and Life Member of the Dubuque Bowling Association. In 1996 he was elected to the Dubuque Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

Skinner was a certified lane inspector and conducted training school for local inspectors. He was responsible for installing the ABC membership and tournament programs on a computer and running the first computerized city tournament which saved the association fifty cents per member. He participated in three national and twenty state tournaments.

In 1983, Skinner started the first local Senior's Tournament for men in four age divisions. The format was later changed to include women, but was discontinued. In 1983 he was the Dubuque Bowling Association city tournament all-events and handicap class B champion and the senior class D singles champion. In 1986 he was the senior class C singles champion. With his wife, Skinner was the senior doubles champion.

In 1986 Skinner gathered 3,000 signatures from Dubuque area bowlers. These signatures were sent to the National Bowling Council which then lobbied Congress to make the first week in January the National Bowling Week. For two years he wrote columns for the Dubuque Sporting News.

In 1990 Skinner was elected to the Iowa State Bowling Association as a director. In 1995 Skinner served as president of the Iowa State Bowling Association. He served as president of the Iowa State Bowling Association as president in 1998-99.