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ROCCO BUDA, Jr. PARK. One of the smallest play areas in the city, Rocco Budda Park overlooks Loras Boulevard. Originally the park, to be named Loras Bluffs Park, was started by the city after a dilapidated house was torn down on the site. Erosion and safety controls had been established and playground equipment had been purchased all at a cost of $35,067. Funds ran out before retaining walls and handicapped accessible ramps and a sidewalk could be installed. In February 1998 the council hesitated in spending $72,500 in community block grant money to finish the project. (1)

Renamed for Rocco BUDA, a master tailor who lived in Dubuque for many years, the park was created with the help of the Army Corps of Engineers, a commitment of $36,250 through the TK Foundation of Tom and Kitty Stoner of Annapolis, Maryland, a donation of $500 from AMERICAN TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK whose building housed the tailor for many years, and the donation of land from LORAS COLLEGE.

The park was developed by area residents and then turned over the city when it was completed.



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