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RESOURCES UNITE. Resources Unite worked to strengthen the Dubuque community by creating connections. The goal was to increase community engagement among social service providers, social service consumers and volunteers. Resources Unite also worked to increase the accessibility of social services and information to all citizens.

The organization worked to innovate social services and assist nonprofits in becoming more effective and more efficient. Another goal was to inspire the community to think beyond current status and for individuals to connect and inspire their community. Resources Unite partnered with the DUBUQUE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE to create and run community connections meetings on a monthly basis. These meetings allowed nonprofit organizations the opportunity to network, share resources, and to provide trainings that would further enhance their respective missions. (1)

In December, 2020 Resources Unite received a donation of suits, ties, and blazers with an estimated value exceeding $600,000. Greg Dardis, owner of a clothing store which was closing as he transitioned to his nonprofit The Dardis Foundation, gave the clothing for those who would be seeking a new job. His foundation would be assisting young adults with practical skills. The donation of business clothing would help them acquire a new job without the added cost of acquiring a wardrobe. Resources Unite would reciprocate by advising the same people of the skills courses. Dardis Communications in 2020 had about two decades of helping people strengthen their communication skills. The new foundation would be able to focus on low-income high school students needing skills in college applications and interviews for first time jobs. (2)



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