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Trade Card

PIEKENBROCK & DEUSS. Piekenbrock and Deuss was formed in 1866. In 1883 Piekenbrock bought out his partner and company was renamed the Piekenbrock Company. This remained the name until 1903 when the name was changed to E. B. PIEKENBROCK SHOE MANUFACTURING COMPANY. (1)

The 1867 Dubuque City Directory and the 1868 Guide, Gazetteer and Directory of the Dubuque & Soux (sic) City Railroad stated that this business was located at 113 Main. In 1867 it was listed as a hat and cap supplier.

This was the same address used in 1870-1871 through 1873-74 when the company was listed as a wholesaler of hats and caps.

Up until 1877 the company was located at 575 Main, a building into which J. P. FARLEY AND SONS moved in 1877. (2)

According to the 1878-79 through 1883 Dubuque City Directory, this business was located at 456 Main.

Trade card




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