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Logo of the Odd Fellows
1908 ribbon

ODD FELLOWS. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), also known as the Three Link Fraternity, is an altruistic and benevolent fraternal organization copied from the similar British Oddfellows service organizations which came into being during the 18th century. Thomas Wildey began the Order in America The oldest Lodge in Iowa is the Washington, of Burlington, with Dubuque next in order. Harmony Lodge, No. 2, was organized March 1, 1845, by John G. Potts and D. G. Sire, of Galena.

The name of the Lodge was selected by B. F. Davis, P. G., and the installation ceremonies occurred in a room in the third story of No. 70 Main Street, where the Lodge remained about one year, when it was to the second story of No. 64, and remained there until its removal into the Odd Fellows Temple at the corner of Main and Fourth STREETS in 1852. Meetings were held Friday evenings of each week.

Schiller Lodge, No. 11, I. 0. 0. F., was organized May 9, 1848, under a charter granted one week previously. The original officers were: John Hussenetter, N. G.; Peter Boney, V. G.; John Kribs, Secretary, and Peter KIENE, Treasurer. These gentlemen, with George Sanner, John Benzwinger. Christian Ragatz and John Kunkel, were the charter members. Meetings were held weekly on Monday evenings, in Facade Building, at the corner of Ninth and Locust.

Germania Rebecca Lodge, No. 9, I. O. O. F., was organized March 6. 1869, by Theodore Stimming, F. Werkmeister, H. Mauer, L. Cornelyson, M. Soth, M. Alexander, D. Weil, F. Mertz, H. Brock, Augusta Mauer, Theresa Weil, K. Schmidt, E. Kley, M. R. Alexander, Mary Kuhnley and Louisa Brock, charter members. Meetings were held on the first Saturday evening of each month in ODD FELLOWS TEMPLE, at the corner of Ninth and Locust streets.

Key City Lodge, No. 180, I. 0. O. F., was organized November 25, 1869, with the following charter officers and members: M. Alexander, C. P. Belz. Benjamin Kirst, George H. Hess, J. A. Mueller, F. Hepp, F. Deggendorf. Louis Reinecke, Andrew Ellwanger and F. Mengis. M. Alexander, N. G.; Benjamin Kirst, V. G.; F. Mengis, Secretary, and C. P. Belz, Treasurer; 0. F. Lohrer, Andrew Ellwanger and Adam Zillig, were Trustees. Meetings held every Monday evening, in the hall, on the corner of Fourth and Main streets.

Humboldt Encampment, No. 28,1. 0. 0. F., was organized September 8, 1865, at which date the following were the members: H. Pleins, Valentine HERANCOURT, D. Weil, August Schreiber, John MEHLHOP, Sr., J. A. RHOMBERG, Henry Heeb, G. Gmehle, Charles Kuehle, August Bruderle, William Shodde and Edward Burger.

The charter officers were: H. Pleins, C. P.; V. Herancourt, H. P.; John Mehlhop S. W.; G. Gmehle, J. W.; A. Schreiber, Scribe, and D. Weil, Treasurer. Meetings were held on the evenings of the first and third Thursdays of the month in Odd Fellows' Hall.

Julien Lodge, No. 12, 1. 0. 0. F.—The charter of this Lodge was granted on the May 2, 1848, at the first session of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, held in the town of Bloomington, now Muscatine, and, in accordance with its provisions, the Lodge was duly instituted on the May 9th of the same year, with the following members: Thomas HARDIE, P. D. G. M.; George Green, Thomas S. WILSON, S. S. Fellows, H. A. Henderson, William H. Robbins, H. B. Thompson, J. J. Dyer, William Y. Lovell, J. T. Jarrett, Joseph Sprague and Solomon Shomo. The officers elected at the inaugural meeting were: J. J. Dyer, N. G.; H. B. Thompson, V. G.; Solomon Shomo, Treasurer, and William Y. Lovell, Secretary.

Halcyon Encampment, No. 1, 1. 0. 0. F., was organized March 16, 1847, under a charter issued by the Grand Lodge of the United States. Owing to the destruction of the Lodge records in a fire on Monday, May 27, 1859, in which the hall of the Encampment, corner of Eighth and Bluff streets, was burned, few details of the order were saved. At the time of the organization, B. F. Davis was elected C. P., and Amos Mathews, H. P.

Dubuque Lodge, No. 127, I. 0. 0. F. Meetings were held weekly, on Friday evenings, at Odd Fellows Hall, FACADE BUILDING.




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