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Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

MAUTZ PAINT & VARNISH COMPANY. Mautz Paint, founded in 1922, is a well-known manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of paint and paint-related products, and operates 33 stores in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana. The stores sell architectural coatings under the Mautz brand name to professional and do-it-yourself customers.

The 1955 through 1974 Dubuque City Directory listed 1362 Central.

The 1977 through 1985 Dubuque City Directory listed Mautz Paint at 3414 Pennsylvania and 1362 Central.

The 1987 Dubuque City Directory listed 1000 Iowa for Mautz Paint Center. Mautz Paint Company was listed at 3414 Pennsylvania the same year.

The 1989 Dubuque City Directory listed 3414 Pennsylvania and 1000 Iowa for Mautz Paint.

The 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed 1000 Iowa an 3505 Stoneman Road.

In 2001 the Sherwin-Williams Company announced the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Mautz Paint Company, a regional manufacturer of architectural paints based in Madison, WI, for an undisclosed price. Sherwin-Williams said the Mautz stores would continue to operate under the Mautz name and sell Mautz branded products.



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