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LANTZKY-ALLEN SHOE COMPANY. Established in 1901, the business focused on the manufacture of men's, boy's and youth work shoes and sporting boots in different heights in waterproof leathers. The company estimated that it made fifty different sorts of shoes. Old Colony rubbers and "arctics" and rubber-soled tennis shoes were the specialty of the company.

In 1910 the company was the local agency for the Hood Rubber Company, the largest manufacturer of storm rubbers in the United States. Lantzky-Allen was also the distributor for Shawmut auto tires and tubes manufactured by the Shawmut Tire Company, a firm controlled by the Hood Rubber Company.

The 1904-1905 Dubuque City Directory located this business at 260 Main.

The 1909 and 1911-12 Dubuque City Directory gave the address of this business as 727-737 Iowa.

The 1915 Dubuque City Directory listed 252-290 6th as the company address.

The 1916-1917 White's Dubuque County Directory listed the address as Iowa and 6th.

The 1918 Dubuque City Directory listed 583 Iowa.

The 1922 Dubuque Telephone Directory listed 573 Iowa.

The company used the following cards to correspond with their customers. We wish to thank Ms. Rachel Harpham for these pictures. The reverse (first card) is the same for each of the cards.




"Dubuque's Three Big Shoe Factories Supply Footware to Vast Territory." Telegraph Herald, February 9, 1910