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JUNKERMANN & HAAS. Karl Frederick "Otto" JUNKERMANN was a druggist in France, Germany, and Switzerland before coming to the United States in 1851. He worked at drug stores in New York and Cincinnati before moving to Dubuque in 1854.

Julius W. HAAS became a druggist at the age of fourteen while living in Germany. He came to the United States in 1848 and moved to Dubuque in 1854.

Junkermann and Haas joined together to establish the Junkermann & Haas Drug Store on August 1, 1854. (1) In 1878 the two men were elected members of the Board of Control of the Wholesale Druggist Union of the northwest. (2)

Their first location was 152 Main. The business was moved to 703 Main between 1872 and 1874 when they were listed as whole druggists. By 1874 the company did business as far away as Yankton, Dakota Territory. (3)

The Dubuque City Directory of 1875-1876 placed the business as 730 Main. The business was again moved in 1875 to 776 Main the former address of RICHMOND & BLAKE. This was the same address in 1880, but according to the 1883 Dubuque City Directory, this business was located at 775 Main.



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