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JONES, Evan E.

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Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/43901803/person/12721752339/facts?_phsrc=cbC1001&_phstart=successSource

JONES, Evan E. (Gamorganshire, Wales, Feb. 1, 1842--San Diego, CA, Jan. 12, 1926). Jones spent his boyhood in Bristol and London, England and was educated in the Eagle Academy of South Wales. He left for America in 1865 and settled in New York. His quality work soon led to his position as a superintendent in a large contracting establishment. He later moved to Albany, New York and Youngstown, Ohio before settling in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. He worked there as a manufacturer of sash, doors, and blinds in a partnership known as the Davis Milling Company. The company was destroyed by fire eighteen months later.

In 1869 after the company was destroyed by fire, Jones came to Dubuque. For one year he was associated in business with Joseph J. GRIGG in the firm of Grigg & Jones. He then established his own business.

Jones helped organize and served as president of the DUBUQUE ORE CONCENTRATING COMPANY. He also assisted in the organization of the Dubuque Turbine Wheel Company and was a stockholder in the DUBUQUE BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURING COMPANY and DUBUQUE WOODENWARE.




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