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GREATER DUBUQUE ASSOCIATION. The Greater Dubuque Association was founded in 1909 by business and professional men. At the first meeting's gathering elected Dorrance Dixon MYERS, chairman and appointed a committee of five to nominate fifteen directors and develop articles for the guidance of the directors in organizing the association. (1)

At the second meeting on November 18, 1909 the goal of the organization and the articles were read.

Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

The board of directors included Lester C. BISSELL, James BEACH, H. H. Blish, J. T. Carr, Anthony ., Peter KIENE, William LAWTHER, Sr., George Mclean, Thomas James MULGREW, Dorrance D. Myers, Frank J. PIEKENBROCK, John J. ROSHEK, Titus E. RHOMBERG, Peter J. SEIPPEL, and Christian Anton VOELKER. (2)

In honor of the 150th year of the United States Constitution, the Association sponsored a Constitution Program at COLUMBIA COLLEGE in 1937. (3) The Association sponsored its first regatta in 1938. (4) It sponsored another in 1939 when one hundred racers competed and applications to race were received before information was even mailed. (5) The Association began that year co-sponsoring the Dubuqueland Ski Tournament at the Kaufmann Avenue jump. (6)

Interest in skiing led the Association in September, 1940 to announce that an additional 75 feet would be added to the height of the LONGVIEW SKI JUMP in time for two big events during the winter. The Association planned two ski meets in January and February making Dubuque the only Iowa city holding official ski events. (7)





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