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GIUNTA, Francis

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

GIUNTA, Francis. (Dubuque, IA- ). Giunta served as president of the Communications Workers of America Local 7110, AFL-CIO beginning in 1977 and the Dubuque Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO beginning in 1987. He was a charter member of the board of directors of the DUBUQUE AREA LABOR-MANAGEMENT COUNCIL and the co-chair of its program and education committee. In 2008 he was also a member of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women. (1)

Giunta served as chairman of the Iowa Second District C.O.P.E., AFL-CIO, executive board member of the United Labor Participation Committee, charter member of the C.W.A. Iowa State Council, and the labor participation representative on the executive committee of United Way Services of Dubuque, Inc. He served as an officer of the DUBUQUE GIRLS' CLUB and co-president of the Dubuque Childbirth and Parent Education Association.



1. Bragg, Mary Rae, "3 Dems Fighting for House 27 Seat," Telegraph Herald, May 25, 2008, p. 11