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GANNON, Timothy J. (Msgr.)

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

GANNON, Timothy J. (Msgr.) (Grand Junction, IA, Apr. 2, 1904--Dubuque, IA, Jan. 26, 1991). Gannon received his B.. A. degree from Creighton University, S.TD. at Propaganda University in Rome, and M. A. and Ph.D at the Catholic University of America. (1) He was elevated to domestic prelate and received the rank of right reverend monsignor in 1946. (2)

Msgr. Gannon established the department of psychology at LORAS COLLEGE in 1934 and Dubuque County Mental Health Center in 1966 and served on its board from then until 1982. (3) In 1975 he was a founding board member of the TRI-COUNTY CITIZENS COMMITTEE ON ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG ABUSE. (4)

He helped establish the Dubuque County Mental Health Association on which he was vice-president in 1975 and the Dubuque Pastoral Marriage Counseling Services on which he served on its board until his death. He was a charter member of the Iowa Psychological Association, wrote several books, and was active in the Consortium of Aging Network. (5)

Gannon held the position of professor at Loras College more than fifty years. A long-time chair of the Loras College Department of Psychology, he also served a term as principal of LORAS ACADEMY. In 1970 he was re-elected to the board of the Retirement Investment Corporation at Heritage Manor. (6)

In 1970 he was awarded the Iowa Psychological Association Distinguished Service Award. (7) He had been selected to serve on the executive council of the association in 1969. (8) The GANNON CENTER (Gannon Center for Community Mental Health) was named in his honor.



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