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Eagle Point Software. Eagle Point Software was a leading developer and marketer of technical application software for professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction and geographic information systems industries. Founded in 1983 as ENGINEERING DATA SYSTEMS CORP., the company focused, during the 1980s, on developing and marketing software products for use by professional roadway designers. Software created by the company was used to design launch pads at Cape Kennedy, plan highways following an earthquake in San Francisco, and construct the world's largest automobile test track for Toyota.

The company, renamed Eagle Point Software, was started by Scott J. TAYLOR and John Biver. Rodney BLUM joined the company in 1990 as president. Taylor left in 1994 to start his own software company, CARTEGRAPH SYSTEMS INC. Biver was terminated from his position as vice president-civil division effective in September, 2000.

Under the leadership of Blum, the company expanded its product line and grew from three employees in 1983 to 175 in 1993. In 1994 the company acquired LAND-CADD International, a leading developer of landscape architecture, irrigation design and environmental planning software. Of 65 modules in the 1996 product line, 38 were internally developed with 27 added through acquisition. In 1996 the company had over 16,900 customers worldwide and expected to issue over one million direct marketing mailings. Products were primarily distributed internationally through fifty resellers located in over twenty-five countries.

In 1997 Eagle Point's first attempt to enter the consumer market was "Picture Perfect," a computer program which allowed customers with home computers to create photo-realistic designs of home remodeling products using photographs or blue-prints.

Forbes magazine featured Eagle Point Software in March 1993, and INC. ranked the company 344th on its "1993 INC. 500." In 1994, Upside magazine honored Eagle Point on its first list of "Emerging Stars," the 140 fastest growing technology companies in the United States. In 1996 the company was named "software developer of the year" by Autodesk Asia Pacific. In 1997 Eagle Point was one of the five Iowa companies and one individual to receive the Governor's Export Award. (1)

Blum was chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer until 2000.

The company in 2006 signed a $3 million contract to develop an Indian Reservation road inventory system for the Navajo Nation Department of Transportation. The company which twenty years previously had employed an estimated 230 people and once predicted a work force of 500 employees by 2000 suffered when the technology bubble burst in 2001. (2)

John Biver, in 2006 the company president and chief executive officer, had been terminated in 2000, but returned to purchase the company's stock. He changed the firm's publicly traded status to a private enterprise and sold off most of its entities focusing on the land development market. The company turned over much of its Westmark Drive corporate headquarters space to other firms. (3)

The corporate headquarters in 1996 were located at 4131 Westmark Drive. In 2009 the company announced that it would move its operations to Main Street. (4)



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