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CANTILLON, Joseph. (Janesvile, WI, Aug. 19. 1861--Hickman, KY, Jan. 31, 1930). Known later in his career as "Pongo Joe," Cantillon was hired to manage the Dubuque Colts baseball team in 1895. The team finished the season in first place with a record of 66-31. (1) He again managed the Dubuque team in 1897.

Cantillon was soon noticed by Charles Albert COMISKEY who offered him a job umpiring in the American League. (2) Cantillon umpired in the American League in 1901 and the National League in 1902. He then managed in the Milwaukee Brewers (American Association) from 1903-1906, Washington Senators (American League) from 1907-1909, Minneapolis Millers (American Association) from 1910 to 1923 and the Little Tock Travelers (Southern Association) from 1926-1927.




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