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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

BRIGGS, Wayne. (Dubuque,IA-- ). In 1996 Briggs, Eric Lucy, and Mike Muench began PLATINUM SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE, a long-term care insurance marketing company. Briggs was the president and majority owner. (1) When he purchased the 100-year-old building that once housed KEY CITY STEAM CANDY COMPANY and WEBER PAPER COMPANY, Briggs hired J. W. Morton & Associates to design and install a historic corridor of the history of the building– five 8-foot-wide displays – for the renamed Platinum Building.

Briggs, the lead investor in Port of Dubuque LLC, has been involved in many real estate projects including the DUBUQUE STAR BREWING COMPANY (2) The building was owned by the city which signed a 50-year lease in July 2006 with Port of Dubuque LLC leading to a $6.5 million renovation project. (3) The site of the former DUBUQUE PACKING COMPANY proved the most difficult. In 2005 Briggs' Highway 151 & 61 Development LLC proposed the construction of Riverview Plaza, a forty-acre retail plaza. When issues arose, the plan was dropped with hopes of selling the property to the DUBUQUE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT for $14 million. The land was considered for a middle school. (4) The controversial measure failed to be approved by the board and in 2019 the land was still vacant. He has also been part of Tiffany Ridge residential subdivision off West 32nd street, Hilton Garden Inn, Women's Wellness Center, a branch of Liberty Bank and and development of property that belonged to the ADAMS COMPANY (Encyclopedia Dubuque) in the Port of Dubuque.

In 2018 Lower Main Development LLC, owned by Platinum Supplemental Insurance headed by Briggs, demolished a building at 156 Main that once housed Cathy's Treasures, an antique store. The property was planned for an expansion of Platinum's existing and adjacent parking lot. (5) Platinum Supplemental, announced in 2013, exclusively sold custom-designed products that included cancer, heart attack and stroke, accident and disability insurance solutons, and long-and short-term care. (6) ---


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