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1860 ad. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
1995 ad. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

BRANDT, F. G. (Frankfort, Germany-- ). Brandt came to Dubuque in 1854 and served in the federal engineer corps during the CIVIL WAR under General John Fremont. After the war he “followed the profession of an architect for a number of years” in the firm of F. G. BRANDT in Dubuque.

Brandt served six years as city auditor and was in the insurance business. An 1858 Times notice indicated that Brandt was doing design work. The editors examined some of his work “and were much pleased with the beauty of the design and the skill with which they are executed.” The account added, “Mr. B. has furnished plans for some of the best buildings in this city, and has few superiors in his profession (Times, February 4, 1858).”



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