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BESCHEN, David. (Dubuque, IA-- ).

                         Now there is one place for you to responsibly and 
                         securely dispose of all your computer-related waste, 
                         spent supplies and obsolete accessories.  GreenDisk 
                         handles all your technotrash disposal needs from a 
                         CD to a PC and just about everything in between. You 
                         stop worrying about what to do with all of that 
                         technotrash piling up in your office, store room, attic, 
                         or garage.  Let GreenDisk safely and securely destroy 
                         your old data, recover reusable components, and recycle 
                         all of the rest of your accumulated technotrash - all 
                         at your convenience, at home or at work. (1)

Discarding information in the digital age provided the opportunity needed for GreenDisk, a company designed to handle sensitive data, whose president was David Beschen. Beginning in 1993, the company located in Sammamish, Washington has provided secured, audited disposal of information stored on electronic media including compact discs.

Initially the company was founded to help publishers dispose of unsold packages of obsolete software. Their concern was destroying the intellectual property on the discs. Demand from other clients led to recycling everything from a diskette to the entire PC.

Participants received a "Certificate of Destruction" with a bonded guarantee that the intellectual property and all of the physical materials were disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Plastics were recycled by outsourcing its labor to non-profit workshops employing disabled workers.



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