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Welcome to Encyclopedia Dubuque! With tens of thousands of articles and images, Encyclopedia Dubuque is the most comprehensive online resource to the history and culture of Dubuque, Iowa.

Our funding came from a competitive award established by The City of Dubuque to make it possible for community-based groups to participate in the city's 175th anniversary year. This project was unanimously approved as one of 10 to receive funding from the 46 grant applications received.

Encyclopedia Dubuque is continuously revised and updated by Randolph W. LYON, author of the reference book, Dubuque: The Encyclopedia, the basis of this website. Special appreciation goes to Robert Joseph REDING, former owner of Bob's Antiques and Collectibles of Dubuque; Larry FRIEDMAN; Timothy Ahlgrim, Ralph SCHARNAU, William K. Hammel; Mike Larkin; Dr. Darryl and Terry Mozena; Jim Massey; Joe Schallan; Bob Johnsen; Joseph Jacobsmeier; James SHAFFER, Neal Sprenglemeyer; Paul HEMMER; Brian COOPER and the Telegraph Herald. Extensive research, material, and editing has been provided by Andrea Wallis Aven, Jeff Gruber, Carole and Paul Porter, Michael Spautz, Richard G. Bridges, Catherine Page, Katherine FISCHER, John P. KLAUER, Diane Harris, Ryan Larson, John Pregler, and Paul W. LEWIS.

The CENTER FOR DUBUQUE HISTORY at LORAS COLLEGE was an indispensable resource during the publication of the original book. In this online expansion of the original text, it continues to exceed all expectations.

Encyclopedia Dubuque is very proud to display many sketches by acclaimed local artist, Norman ZEPESKI.

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The research and writing would mean little if the website did not have expert attention from staff at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library. For this our sincere appreciation goes to Jason M. Burds, Andrew Fuerste-Henry, Amy Muchmore, and Michael May.

We appreciate your help in making Encyclopedia Dubuque comprehensive and accurate. If you believe we should add a subject or topic, have information or pictures to share, or if you notice any factual or typographical errors, please let us know.

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