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WULLWEBER, Christian

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Educated at Harvard, Christian Wullweber was the United States minister to Ecuador in 1875. Photo courtesy: John Klauer, Port of Dubuque Visitor
WULLWEBER, Christian. (Hagenow, Germany, July 1, 1833--Dubuque, IA, Sept. 22, 1877). Wullweber arrived in Dubuque in 1850. He gave lessons in German and the classics and, in 1853, was appointed a Professor at ALEXANDER COLLEGE. He held that position until 1856 when his parents returned to Germany. Wullweber went with them and again entered college and completed his course work and graduated at Hamburg. He then entered the University at Berlin and studied civil law. He continued his law studies at the famous Heidelberg University. (1)

In 1858, when the family returned to the United States, Wullweber entered the Dane Law School at Harvard College where he graduated in 1859. He returned to Dubuque and entered the practice of law. In 1864, he was elected Vice President of the Board of Education. In 1870, he was again elected a member of the Board and, in 1874, was elected President of the Board. (2)

Wullweber was appointed minister to Ecuador in July 1875. (3) Upon his return to Dubuque, he presented a stuffed South American condor to the high school. (4)



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