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WORM, Richard

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WORM, Richard. (Ryan, IA- ).Worm, chairperson of the science department at STEPHEN HEMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL and founder of the school's Sierra Society, devoted much of his life to environmental issues. As president of the Dubuque Environmental Coordinating Organization, he fought a CITY ISLAND location for the DUBUQUE-WISCONSIN BRIDGE. Worm also questioned the participation of INTERSTATE POWER COMPANY in a nationwide program to develop a breeder reactor nuclear power plant and urged a stricter zoning ordinance for Dubuque County.

Worm began Sierra Society wilderness trips for high school students in 1973. Mastering Long's Peak and Mount Rainier inspired him to climb Africa's Mt. Kilmanjaro and Peru's Mt. Huascaran. Recognition for Worm's activities included the 1978 D.A.R. Conservation Award, 1981 Iowa Academy of Science Earth Science Teaching Award, and the 1984 Izaak Walton League Outstanding Teacher recognition. Iowa Sierra Club recognition included the 1981 Activist, 1987 Distinguished Service, and the 1996 Steward of the Land awards.

An Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation ceremony in 1997 honored Richard and Jane Worm's donation of Faraway Farm into a MISSISSIPPI RIVER bluff land protection program. (1)



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