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WOODRUFF, Marcus C. (Aurora, Erie Co., NY, Mar. 21, 1831--Dubuque, IA, Mar. 19, 1909). Woodruff attended the common schools in Aurora and also attended Aurora Academy. At the age of nineteen, he moved to Buffalo, New York and worked at a wholesale house in that city for several years.

Woodruff moved to Illinois and taught school in Boone County for three years. In 1855 he settled in Iowa Falls, Iowa. In 1863, he purchased the Sentinel newspaper at Eldora and managed it for two years. In 1870, he sold the Sentinel, and, with Charles Aldrich, purchased the Waterloo Courier and served as editor four years.

In 1874 Woodruff became editor-in-chief of the Dubuque Times upon his purchase of half-interest in the paper. He had earlier been involved with the management of the Eldora (IA) Sentinel (1863) and the Waterloo Courier (1870).

Woodruff was Chief Clerk of the Iowa House of Representatives of the Twelfth General Assembly and held the office of Postmaster of Iowa Falls. In 1878, he was appointed Railroad Commissioner for the Iowa by Gov. Gear and held the office through 1911.



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Woodruff held a wide variety of governmental posts. He served as chief clerk of the Twelfth General Assembly. In 1878 he was appointed to the board of railroad commissioners. Two years prior to his death, his duties proved too heavy and Woodruff was relieved of the office of tax commissioner. He continued to be the right-of-way commissioner until the time of his death.