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WHEELER, Henry (Firchberg, MA, May 23, 1837-- ). Wheeler came to Dubuque and entered the ice business in 1873. The company of CUSHING, FISCHER & COMPANY had ended with the sale of Cushing's interest to H. Ripon. FISCHER, WHEELER AND COMPANY, dealers in pure lake ice, was located at the corner of Third and Iowa STREETS. (1) Wheeler was the manager with Louis FISCHER his partner.

Wheeler was prominent in the KNIGHTS OF HONOR for the State of Iowa. (2) He was also a member of the Order of I.O.O.F.; United Workmen; and a member of the State Central Committee at the Presidential election in 1876. He was chairman of the Dubuque County Republican Central Committee in 1876. (3) In 1880 he represented the baseball association in a smoldering dispute with the fair association. (4)

He was apparently a collector of fine art. In 1880 the Daily Herald noted that Wheeler had obtained a sketch by Alexander SIMPLOT of ZOLLICOFFER'S LAKE showing dozens of ice houses, trains of cars, steamboats, and facilities for leading ice. (5)

Wheeler left the city around 1885 to work for Palmer, Fuller and Company, sash and door manufacturers of Chicago. (6)



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