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WHAT ABOUT ME FOUNDATION. Founded by Dubuque native, Michael Kopp, the organization was established in 1993 to address the stress coming from a diagnosis of cancer. Three areas of need were identified: information about where to get help; help and support for those without good support systems; financial assistance for rent, food, and utilities for those qualified. (1) The foundation was non-profit and incorporated in Iowa with Kopp as president of director of operations. Office space was donated by his employer, Vitacare.

DUPACO COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION and [KATF-FM]] held a Halloween benefit movie in 1994. The proceeds from the event, $650, were donated to the organization. (2) In July 1995 the Foundation held a basketball camp featuring University of Iowa standout Acie Earl. A raffle to raise funds was also scheduled. (3) He made his fourth consecutive appearance at the camp that benefited the Foundation in 1997. (4)



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