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WESTSIDE ORTHOPAEDICS AND NEUROLOGY CLINIC. Medical association formed in 1995. The Clinic, at 4005 Westmark Drive, was founded by Dr. David S. Field, an orthopaedic surgeon, and Dr. Patrick Sterrett, a neurology specialist, in May 1995. In July, the practice was joined by Dr. Daniel Fabiano, an orthopaedic surgeon. Among the orthopaedic services offered were small case outpatient surgery, sports injuries, joint injections and replacements, fracture care, arthroscopy, impairment ratings and independent medical exams. The neurology-related services included back, neck and head injury care, muscle injuries, headaches, pain management, degenerative brain disorders, epilepsy treatment and diagnostic tests including electroencephalograms (EEGs).

In 1996, Dubuque Physical Therapy, a satellite office of Cathedral Physical Therapy, joined the Clinic. This offered acute care physical therapy, industrial rehabilitation, ergonomic job evaluations, functional capacity evaluations and wellness programs.