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WENDT, Walter

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WENDT, Walter. (Dubuque, IA, Dec. 27, 1888--Dubuque, IA, Nov. 3, 1951). Wendt's newspaper career covered forty years with all but a few spent in Dubuque. He began as a newspaper carrier while attending public school. Upon graduating from high school, he began an apprenticeship and worked as a stereotyper and pressman for the Times-Journal. Wendt worked several years for the Waterloo Courier, but returned to Dubuque in 1912 to begin his career with the TELEGRAPH HERALD.

Wendt began at the paper as a pressman and stereotyper, but was often called upon to serve as the night editor, a position to which he was soon named. During the following fifteen years, he filled every position in the editorial department. Wendt was named the managing editor when the Telegraph Herald and the Times-Journal merged in 1927.

Wendt was a sports enthusiast and the secretary of the Dubuque baseball team during a period when it won several Mississippi Valley Championships. Walter's brother Lester WENDT was a very successful businessman.



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