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Wellington name on boulder.
WELLINGTON'S BOULDER. One of the many unique grave markers in LINWOOD CEMETERY, "Wellington's Boulder" marks the grave of William E. WELLINGTON, a prominent Dubuque businessman.

Wellington traveled through New England looking for the one-of-a-kind piece of granite only to return to Dubuque disappointed. Wellington's desire to have a unique marker for his grave eventually took him to Thornton, Iowa a small town south of Mason City. On the Wooden Shoe Stock Farm which he owned, he found a granite boulder he liked. (1)

In 1898 Wellington hired four men and had the stone excavated. It was 13 feet long, 7 feet in diameter at its thickest point, and weighed more than 28 tons. The stone was transported to Dubuque by railroad flat car and then moved to Linwood over a period of four days. Three days were needed to then move the stone to the Wellington plot. The stone, mounted on a railroad handcar, was pulled up by cable. It remains in its original condition except for the name "Wellington" carved into it. (2)



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