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WCB GROUP. Founded by William C. BROWN. The WCB Group was created as a holding company for the Midway Motor Lodge-Hoffman House Restaurant of Dubuque; Ralmar Associates, real estate development company of Vero Beach, Florida; Wm. C. Brown Publishers College Division and Manufacturing Division; Brown Publishing ROA Media; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; and the Julien Printing Company of Monticello.

The publishing divisions in the Group, which has been ranked the 125th largest of the ten thousand printers in the United States, have 3,171 titles of textbooks and other educational materials in print. Brown Publishing-ROA Media has been rated among the top three American publishers for textbooks designated for Catholic schools. The Wm. C. Brown Publishers College Division has been among the top ten college textbook companies in the United States and the only member of the group to be privately held.

Corporate headquarters were opened on Kerper Boulevard in 1972 with 70,000 square feet of space. This nearly tripled by 1989 when an additional 24,000 square feet of warehouses and office additions were constructed. In 2010 Mark FALB was the president and chief executive officer.