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VISION 2000. In July 1990, the Dubuque City Council created a Long Range Planning Commission and charged it by ordinance to "coordinate and supervise the preparation and maintenance of the comprehensive plan" for the city. A year-long community visioning activity was begun on March 16, 1991 at a meeting held at STEPHEN HEMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL to obtain a broad base of community participation and support for the planning process. This activity, sponsored and implemented by the Tri-State Community 2000 Steering Committee, included community meetings, a reactor group session, a citizen input questionnaire and a community validation and assessment survey.

Written as goals and objectives, the Vision 2000 document contained eight categories including economic development, education, transportation, environment, cultural and recreational opportunity, leadership, community attitudes, and racial/ethnic diversity.

In the seven months since it was released, the Vision 2000 document was used by a number of area business and community leaders. (1) J. Bruce MERIWETHER believed the document indicated the willingness and determination of the community to look at questions of diversity. Sister Catherine DUNN stated the document supported the efforts of public and parochial schools to cooperate and the colleges to work together. Hugh LaMont, executive director of the GREATER DUBUQUE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION believe Vision 2000 was "an important tool when we sell out area to the world." "To one degree or another, it shows that we care about our future, that we want to have some control over it." (1)

In October 1995, the Dubuque City Council formally adopted a comprehensive plan, nearly two hundred pages long with elaborate maps, to guide the future development of the community. Built upon the Vision 2000 goals and objectives, this was the first such plan for the city of Dubuque since 1936. David Wm. RUSK served on the Long Range Planning Commission since its start in 1990 and as its chairman since 1994. He also chaired the Tri-State Community 2000 Committee which sponsored Vision 2000.




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