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c.1912. Emil Felgner at roll-top desk. Photographer unknown, “[Traub & Felgner Insurance outer office in the Bank & Insurance Building],” Loras College Digital Collections, accessed April 12, 2014, https://digitalcollections.loras.edu/items/show/129.
c.1912. Eugene Traub sits at a roll-top desk in his office at Traub & Felgner Insurance, rooms 401-403 of the B & I Building. Photographer unknown, Loras College Digital Collections, accessed April 12, 2014, https://digitalcollections.loras.edu/items/show/130.
Photo courtesy: Cathy's Treasures, 156 Main, Dubuque
TRAUB & FELGNER. The 1904-1905 through 1909 Dubuque City Directory located this business involved in real estate at 599 Main.

The 1911-1912 through the 1923 Dubuque City Directory stated that this business was located at 401 BANK AND INSURANCE BUILDING.