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STAFFORD, Charles. (Northamptonshire, England, Aug. 19, 1812--Dubuque, IA, September 20, 1896). Stafford came to Canada in 1828 and lived for several years in New York State and Michigan. He moved to Dubuque in August, 1838. In 1839, he ran a flat-boat ferry for Timothy FANNING, the first ferry run across the river from this side. In 1840 he operated General George Wallace JONES horse-boat. (1) He campaigned unsuccessfully for alderman from the fifth ward in 1885. (2)

Over the years, Stafford was involved in plastering, farming and mining. He laid out STAFFORD'S ADDITION to Dubuque and in 1882 narrowly escaped death when the CALEDONIA MILLS burned to the ground. He had been serving as his own watchman since the mill was turned over to him by Wallace and Christie and had been sleeping at the mill to prevent vandalism. There had been a storm; it was suspected the building was struck by lightning. (3) In 1892 he was constructing three houses near LINWOOD CEMETERY. (4)



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