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SPECHT, Edward

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SPECHT, Edward. (Dubuque, IA, Dec. 26, 1836--Unknown). Specht and his brother Warren operated Specht's Ferry which their father, John, purchased in 1850. In the late 1800s, the steam ferry was valued at $3,000.

Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
The depot of the Milwaukee Railroad stood north of the saloon. When the depot was destroyed by fire, the new depot and the dispatcher's station were moved to the brick building. Across the track was an ice house where ice, cut during the winter, was stored and sold to commercial fishermen in the summer. Pens, shown in the picture, were used to control cattle before shipment. The railroad purchased the stone building and the dispatcher's office remained there until 1959. The sloping river bank made a place for boats to temporarily dock. The island and lands were later submerged under the lake created by the ZEBULON PIKE LOCK AND DAM. (1)



1. "Way Back When," Telegraph Herald, November 26, 1959, p. 1