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SCHRUP, William D.

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SCHRUP, William D. (Dubuque, IA, June 26, 1955--Iowa City, IA, July 2, 1997). The son of Charles and Marjorie (Trenkle) Schrup, William graduated from WAHLERT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL in 1973, University of Santa Clara (CA) in 1977, and The Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988. (1)

From 1977 to 1982, he worked for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at several locations including Bend, Oregon. In 1982, he returned to Dubuque to work at AMERICAN TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK as the executive vice president in the Commercial Loan Division. (2)

Schrup was a member and former president of the Stonehill Care Center Board and Stonehill Strategic Planning Committee member. He was the chairperson of the 1997 Mercy Health Center Annual Giving Program and the Mercy Fund Development Committee. Schrup was a member of the Clarke College Development Council, University of Dubuque Board of Finance Committee, treasurer and director of DUBUQUE IN-FUTURO, former board member of the DUBUQUE GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, vice-present and president-elect of the 990 Club of the DUBUQUE SHOOTING SOCIETY, and member of the board of directors of American Trust and Savings Bank. (3)

He was the inspiration of the first Dubuque Bone Marrow Donor Drive, a organization for which he served as chairperson. Schrup had battled leukemia since 1993 and had recently undergone his second bone marrow transplant. His family and friends organized fund-drives and recruitment efforts to add names to the national bone marrow donor registry. The group realized $50,000 in donations and registered more than 750 names. (4)



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