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SCHMID, Titus B.

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Titus B. Schmid with the bust he was given by General Electric. Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
SCHMID, Titus B. (Dubuque, IA--Dubuque, IA, Nov. 13, 1982). The son of Mr. and Mrs. Alphons Schmid, grandson of Titus SCHMID and namesake of his uncle Titus B. SCHMID, SR., Schmid grew up as the son of one of the original members of the Dubuque Schuetzen Gesellschaft (DUBUQUE SHOOTING SOCIETY) and one of its finest marksmen. Although the grandson of one of the pioneer brewers in Dubuque, Titus became the founder and chairman of the board of CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY. Previously he had been associated with Schmid-Lowe Electric Company, a contracting firm started in 1916 at 1734 Central. (1)

Schmid had become irritated at the difficulties involved with obtaining electrical supplies for work needed in a local manufacturing plant working on a government contract during WORLD WAR I. Supplies had to be shipped on the MISSISSIPPI RIVER from either Minneapolis, Minnesota or St. Louis, Missouri. "Industry experts" of the time believed that Schmid's plan to start an electrical wholesale establishment in Dubuque was doomed to failure. There was the distinct belief that such a business could not succeed because there was very little or no use of electricity on farms or in small communities. As the growth of electricity spread, the prediction was proven wrong; the company thrived. (2) The business was incorporated in 1928. (3) In 1944 he headed Venture Manufacturing Company which was capitalized at $100,000 to manufacture and fabricate metal, wood and plastics. (4)

Active in the community, Schmid served as chairman of the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce in 1937 when it announced a three-year program including the establishment of an industrial development fund. Schmid pointed to the competition among cities throughout the United States to attract and retain industry. He remarked that those with an economic stake in Dubuque "must fortify their interests with an even more aggressive Chamber of Commerce." The three-year plan called for the development of all the city's resources "along industrial, commercial and civic lines." (5)

Plans for developing an annual exposition "in character with the upper MISSISSIPPI RIVER region" which would "acquire some of the importance of the Mardi Gras on the lower river" was the goal of the Tri-Stater's Annual Celebration Association formed in 1938. The celebration was planned to "stimulate the industrial and cultural development of Dubuque" on a grander scale that the old TRI-STATE FAIR. There were to be four classes of membership: sustaining ($50), contributing ($25), supporting ($25), and regular ($1). Schmid was among those working on developing the contributing memberships. (6)

Titus was acting chairman of the newly organized Knife and Fork Club of Dubuque in 1939. The goal of the organization was to bring to Dubuque outstanding and business and professional speakers of America. Organizations of the same name had been organized throughout the United States. Initially the plan had been for the organization to start with fifty members, but interest was so large seventy-five had accepted membership. (7) He served as chairman in 1942 of a unique program to sell $500 War Bonds. For the purchase of a $500 bond (actual cost $376.00) and one dollar for lunch, an individual could have lunch at the MASONIC TEMPLE with Edward Arnold and Miss Frances Dee, two Hollywood stars, and receive an autographed program. (8) He was among Rotary Club members in 1944 who created a service flag honoring their sons or daughters who were serving in the armed forces during WORLD WAR II. The same year he served on the industrial development committee of the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce. He served as chairman of the group in 1948.

Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
Titus was pictured with sons Thomas B, James A. and John J. in 1946 when with 29 years of membership in the local ELKS CLUB, he was able to see three of his sons initiated. A fourth son was only twenty and not yet eligible. (9)

In 1969 Titus B. Schmid was presented a bronze bust of himself during General Electric Company's tribute to Crescent Electric Supply Company's fifty years of service. The occasion also marked the dedication of the company's new headquarters in East Dubuque, Illinois. In paying tribute to the company, Donald D. Scarff, vice-president of GE Consumer Products Group remarked:

           From four persons working out of one office to
           450 persons working out of 29 branch offices
           serving over 30,000 customers in nine states...
           that is 50 years of successful performance. (10)

An interesting historical note is that in 1945 Titus B. Schmid and his family owned the home built by Lucius Hart Langworthy at 205 Hill Street. (11)



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