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SCHILTZ, Laverne

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SCHILTZ, Lavern. (Dubuque, IA, Mar. 13, 1910--Dubuque, IA, Jan. 31, 2000). Schiltz became county engineer in June 1937, when Albin Anton RHOMBERG became city manager. Schiltz later succeeded Rhomberg to become city manager on April 16, 1951 and served until February 20, 1960.

During his term as city manager, Schiltz accelerated street improvement and construction projects, completed water and primary sewage treatment works, began riverfront development with a city-financed industrial park and the first proposals of constructing a FLOODWALL. (1)

On February 15, 1960, the Dubuque City Council by a 3-2 vote found Schiltz ethically guilty of having a conflict of interest by being a member of a land development company while serving in public office. (2) While absolving him of any improper influence or criminal conflict, the vote resulted in his dismissal that sparked anger and controversy within the community. (3) At the same time, the council dismissed Thomas NELSON as city solicitor for maintaining a law practice. A Telegraph Herald editorial referred to the proceeding as a "reprehensible mock trial." (4)

Both Schiltz and Nelson went on to distinguished careers. Schiltz founded CULLEN-SCHILTZ & ASSOCIATES. He retired in 1972 and died in 2000, at age 89. (5)



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