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See: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RocknRollRewind

Friendships and passion for the music led Ralph KLUSEMAN, Charlie TROY and Pamela Schumacher into becoming the volunteer organizers of Rock & Roll Rewind. (1) What began as "an excuse" to get some old bands together to jam grew into a major annual musical event and an important fundraiser for the non-profit Camp Albrecht Acres. (2)

The concept for Rock 'n' Roll Rewind grew out of the Dubuque Rock Veterans (DRV) group page drummer Greg Pekas set up on Facebook. Others posted old band photos, posters, and other memorabilia to the page’s photo albums. Discussion forums sprang up, giving DRV members a place to share stories. Before long, the Dubuque Rock Veterans Facebook group became a virtual museum of Dubuque rock history. (3)

It was not just the DRV site that inspired Rewind. While the DRV site was growing, a group of musicians including Vaughn Kray, Ralph Kluseman, and Luis Moscoso – once the singer in Dutch Uncle, the band in which DRV founder Greg Pekas played drums – wanted to perform again and have a cause to sponsor. They chose Albrecht Acres. (4)

Beginning discussions on Facebook in 2008, Charlie Troy, Dave Hummel, and Greg Pekas originally considered a jam session format similar to events at The Lift, a local Dubuque bar. So many bands wanted to be involved that the site of the event had to be changed. (5) The first official Rock 'n' Roll Rewind was held in 2010 as a music festival, reunion, and party. Hosted by the Dubuque Rock Veterans (DRV) at Courtside Sports Bar over two days, Rock Rewind showcased reunion performances by 17 bands from the 1960s and 1970. (6)

Concern was soon expressed that the cost of renting staging lights and sound equipment would severely cut into the funds for the Camp. This was resolved by moving the event to the Mississippi Moon Bar at the DIAMOND JO CASINO. (7) The event became more than an opportunity for the audience to relive the music of their favorite bands. Many of the performers were, for the first time, able to see and hear musical groups from their youth when they were too busy performing to stop and see other shows. (8)

Because the event was largely organized and promoted through social media, some bands felt slighted because they were not asked to participate in the first event. In 2015 Kluseman continued to remind area musicians that performers in Rewind were volunteers. The invitation to participate remained open to any group interested. If musicians wanted to put their old band back together but could not contact all the original members, many talented musicians were willing to substitute. (9) The format was broadened. In 2015 the music was no longer was restricted to the 60s but could represent the 70s and 80s. Performances were expanded in 2014 to include country music. (10)

In 2015, the event was in its sixth year after a year of fundraising $20,000. (11) That brought the funds collected for Camp Albrecht Acres over five years to over $67,000. (12)

See: "Thank You from Albrecht Acres Staff and Campers" http://rewind2015.dubuquevideo.com/video/135749821



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