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RIVERSIDE BOWL. Opened in 1958, Riverside Bowl at 1860 Hawthorne was established by the Riverside Bowl Inc. Officers of the company included Raymond Segar of St. Louis, Missouri, president; Edward Segar, vice-president; Gerald Pregler, secretary; and Rudolph Segar, treasurer.

Pregler, the manager of the new business had eight years of bowling alley experience. He was quoted as saying the building would be a replica of Maple Lanes of Waterloo, Iowa. Pregler would be assisted in the operation by an assistant manager, an alleyman, an a mechanic. The modern 24-land bowling alley was to offer automatic pinspotters and a complete restaurant.

The bowling alley was renamed Bowling and Beyond by 2000.



"Lease Readied on New $500,000 Bowling Lane," Telegraph Herald,

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