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RILEY, Carl. (Dubuque, IA, 1899--Dubuque, IA, Dec. 10, 1985). Riley attended ST. JOSEPH ACADEMY and DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL graduating in 1918 with six letters in football, basketball, and BASEBALL and winning all-state honors in football. During baseball season, he played any position in the outfield. He played with the Dubuque White Sox in 1920 and then went on to play from Cresco in a league that included teams from Oelwein, Charles City, and New Hampton. He earned a chance to play with Cedar Rapids in the Three I League and later with Dubuque in the Mississippi Valley League. His left-handed catcher's mitt is displayed in the Cooperstown National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Long after he had retired as an active player, Riley, played an instrumental role in the establishment of a citywide boys' baseball program in Dubuque from 1939 to 1946. There was a Little League, an Intermediate League for boys from 13 to 16 and a league for boys 16 and older.

Riley held offices in the LORAS ACADEMY Dad's Club and the Dubuque County Tuberculosis Society. He served on the board of Project Concern, the Advisory Council of RISE, and led the establishment of the Adult Care Center, later named the Riley Interim Service for the Elderly. A member of the state and local bar associations, Riley served as a court reporter in the state and federal courts from 1929 to 1957.



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